City of Roanoke
Applying Online -- Features

  • Ability to submit multiple applications.
  • Ability to check the status of your application through the Internet to see if it has been received by the Department of Human Resources.
  • Ability to complete the application over multiple sessions.
  • Provides a printable copy of your application to keep for your records.
  • Secure transmission of your information.
  • Information you provide is only used for the purposes of employment with the City of Roanoke.
Go to the JOB LIST page:
  • Click on the specific job title for the job (takes you to the Job Description page).

    • From the Job Description page: click on the "Apply for this job now!" button.

    • From the Application for Employment Instructions page: click on the "Continue with Application" button.

        *if you have already filled out an application online and know the confirmation number, you can copy all the information over to the new application by entering the confirmation number and your last name (not case sensitive).

    Fill out the online application form:
    After you fill out the application form click the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of the form and a personal confirmation number is assigned to your application.
    • Write this number down for your records-- it is needed to check the status of your application, print your application, or to submit additional City of Roanoke jobs applications.

    • You can save the application at any time and complete it later by selecting the "Save and allow me to complete this application at a later time" option at the bottom of the form.

    • You can attach an electronic copy of your resume within this form --text, Word, WordPerfect, PDF formats are accepted.

    • After you submit (or save) the application, you can view and print the application from the "Check the Status of your Application" option on the Job Information Page.

    Apply for additional jobs:
    Go back to the JOB List page and select the job by clicking on the job title. Follow instructions 1 & 2 and use your confirmation number when you get to the Application for Employment Instructions page.

    • The application form will be filled out using the information from your prior application.

    • Make any changes and submit the form -- a personal confirmation number is assigned to each application you submit.
    Update a saved application:
    From the Job Information page select the "Update a Saved Application".

    • A confirmation number and name is required to update the application.

    • If the application has been submitted you cannot make any changes.

    • Continue filling out the application -- you can save multiple times until the application is ready. Remember to change the option at the bottom of the form (Application is complete and ready for submission) when you have completed the form and are ready to submit it for final submission.